Thursday, June 19, 2014

Working On It Wednesday - on Thursday!

I was out of town this weekend so I'm a little late to the party. Today I'm linking up with Kim and Megan at KinderGals for Working On It Wednesday!

I feel like I always have a hundred projects going on at the same time! Anyone else go from project to project without finishing anything? One of the things I'm working on personally is a binder to help me organize all those projects I'm working on. Something fun and cute that will keep me extrinsically motivated to keep at it! And something flexible because I tend to think outside the box when I'm creating.

Maybe something like this?

This is what I used in my classroom last year and I loved it! Plenty of space in the calendars to write in details, covers for each section. I'm thinking this year I will make my own for school, one for my private horn studio and one for home, too!

I'm working on building relationships with my sweet nieces and nephews this summer, too. We got to spend a little time with them this weekend in DFW and I'm hoping they'll get to bring their mom and dad for a visit this fall. 

Here's what I'm working on for school and for my TPT store:

I'm so excited about this upcoming product! It's a bunch of improvisation activities and games and songs that lend themselves well to improv. My students this year are just getting their feet wet with improvisation. I'm hoping to include some beginner, intermediate and advanced activities that help make improvisation a breeze for the teacher. Because I don't need any more work to do. Amiright? I can't wait to share it with you! Stay tuned for more details.

With the completion of the Kinder "I Can" Statements, I will be bundling all 6 grade levels (K-5) for a discounted price in my store. Woohoo! I'm also thinking about bundling TEKS posters with "I Can" statements for a discount. I love a good deal. :-)

And I'm working on a freebie! I'm hoping to make a bundle of planning documents (editable) and some freebies for planning. I love planning so I'll probably blog about this one specifically. 

What are you working on this summer?

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  1. Love the upcoming improvisation product! This is something I want my students to try out and become better at. Can't wait to see it!