Wednesday, June 25, 2014

We Love Books: Books in the Music Room - Kipper

I love incorporating children's literature into my music lessons - it's becoming an addiction of mine.

There's something magical about reading a story about someone having white shoes and blue shoes (Pete the Cat) and then going straight into a song about white shoes and blue shoes! (Zapatitos Blancos)

Kipper is a new favorite of mine, partially mostly because Kipper looks a lot like my dog! (see below for reference) At any rate, it's an adorable story by Mick Inkpen about a dog who is tired of his old basket, old blanket and old bunny so he goes out to find something new. It has a sweet ending and is a great transition to any number of dog songs! (Doggie Bow Wow Blue anyone?)

"Are you looking at me?"

**Can you see the stack of music books in the back? :-)
Shout out to Gaby and Phil and Michael! I think Lamar's book is back there, too!

Have you found any great children's books lately?


  1. Love your dog pic and your book suggestions! Just found your site today and am a new follower!


  2. Eric Litwin (author of Pete the Cat) is coming out with a new book! It'll be available before school starts and it has his great music with it :)

    1. Oh my goodness! Must check this out! :-) Thanks Christine!