Saturday, November 28, 2015

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas!

It's time to get ready for Christmas! I've had my Christmas tree up for two weeks already- shh!

Cyber Monday is this week & that means all the stores at Teachers Pay Teachers will be having sales to go along with the site-wide 10% off code! I can't wait to stock up on cute things for my class as well as papers and clip art for my upcoming projects!

Here's what's new in my store:

I use this song for beat in Kindergarten and bring it back to read the rhythm in 1st grade. I love pairing it with the book Dog in Boots by Greg Gormley - it's a sweet little book about a dog who wants to find the perfect pair of shoes to wear. It's also a great transition from any dog song to Cobbler, Cobbler!
beat charts to tap!

what is a cobbler?

part work!

I bring this song back in 1st grade to read ta's and tadi's and they love it! I included a little part-work practice, too. My students love putting this on instruments. 

Another great beat song for Kindergarten is Engine, Engine. I've blogged about using this song as your welcome song in Kindergarten - check it out here! And I bring it back in first grade - I love to transition from Rain, Rain to Engine, Engine (and Cobbler!) and then to our listening example, the Surprise Symphony.

beat charts to tap!

read the rhythm!

write the rhythm!

Here are some things on my wishlist for this year's Cyber Monday sale:

1. Christmas Rhythm Relays

I discovered that my students LOVE relay games two years ago when I lost my voice and we couldn't sing our normal Christmas/wintery songs. I had seen a relay game on pinterest and thought - why not? It was so much fun! I've always played with 2 teams, but this year I have exceptionally large classes, so I will try with 4 teams. Just print the number of sets you need & you're ready to go!

2. Santa's Workshop Interactive Whiteboard Games

These were a hit in my classroom last year - I can't wait to share them with my new school of students!

My students love throwing a squishy yarn ball (made by Sister Lorna Zemke!) at the smart board to choose a present to open. After opening the present, they have to read the rhythm to earn a point for their team. Assessment: check! Then they throw the ball at a student on the opposite team - and my students just LOVE throwing anything.

most of the rhythms are rhythms from 
commonly used folk songs!

3. Christine O'Brien's Speech Sounds Mouths

Wouldn't these be great to have for choir rehearsals?! I can think of many uses for them while preparing for performances, too. Flashcards, cue cards for specific songs, warm-ups! What a great visual!

4.Tracy King's Composer Coloring Sheets 2!

I'm always looking for things to get for my Sub Tub and I think this would be perfect! Plus I might even make a half page for my students to take home after studying each of these composers. I just love these!

What's on your wishlist for this Cyber Monday?