Monday, June 30, 2014

Music Teacher Alert: $2 Deals on Teacher Stuff that Works

It's the first Tuesday of the month again, and that means a bunch music teachers on Teachers Pay Teachers are getting together and having a Flash Sale!

Just go to and search for: $2TuesdayMusicFlashSale (one word) and you'll find all the marked down music items. All sale items will be $2 and most of them start at $4-6! I love a good deal!

Here's my item that's $2 on Tuesday only!

This is one of my favorite songs to teach (umm... I know I say that about every song. oh well!) - my students LOVE the game and it has a nice driving beat, which lends itself well to part-work.

For the kinesthetic lesson, I have started using pointers that don't make any marks on my smart board. I know, I know - that makes it less interactive. But I found that my group of students pays more attention to the mark they were supposed to make (did it line up on the right horse? did it look like the other marks? what happened - it didn't make a mark at all!?) and they tune out the song.

I really want them to listen, (and I'm listening, too - assessment: check!) so I don't let them mark, especially the first time we go over the kinesthetic material.

After all that glorious prep (kin/aur/vis), we label the sounds. Immediately after labeling, I give the class a chance to echo me with the new rhythm syllable as a group. When I think they've got it, we play Kings and Queens.

I pull out the old bullseye (paper with a bullseye on it) and tell the class, "If you sing the correct rhythm syllables AND tap the rhythm in your hands correctly AND your voice hits the bullseye, you get to be a King or Queen of music for the day."

I take volunteers and they solo sing (assessment: check!) the new rhythmic phrase. If they are absolutely correct (I am SUPER picky with most classes) then I write their name on the board. That's it. So simple.

I did this with first and second grade for many years and this year, I tried it out with 4th and 5th and wholly guacamole, they ate it up!

You don't have to give them a prize or whatever, they just LOVE having their name on the board with the other kids that did it right.

What do I do with the kids that don't get it? I get super excited! I widen my eyes and say, "You are sooo close! I can't wait to hear you next time - I bet you'll get it!"

Next is present the notation. And on to the best part - practice the new rhythm. After reading the phrase, reading the whole song, etc., we're ready for part-work!

Start by dividing your class into groups - Group A does the rhythm, Group B the beat; then switch! After a bit of this, try adding the teacher in canon or in an ostinato. Then add a few kids with the teacher on the ostinato/canon. Add instruments! Add body percussion! It's just a great song full of possibilities.

I can't wait to see what other items will be on sale! :-)

Happy summer!

Bonus: Happy birthday to my sweet husband! I love you!

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