Friday, June 20, 2014

Kodály Certification Program - Graduation Sale!

This week some of my friends are graduating from the KCP (Kodály Certification Program) in Austin! I'm so excited for them!

Here's a still from their celebration video on Facebook - so cute! Even Michael is getting his party on:

I remember what it was like to be so stressed out analyzing all those songs and putting together the retrieval system and teaching in lab and of course, trying to eek all the goodness and wisdom out of your teachers in the short three weeks each summer. And going to get tea from the little coffee shop every morning. And the chicken salad sandwiches at Rivendell's.

It kind of makes my heart race just to think about it. So much stress and yet so worth it in the end.

Here's a picture of my certification program at Texas State back when I finished level 3 in 2009! The KCP gurus Patti and Lisa use this pic in their add with Southwestern Musician every year. Woohoo!
That's me in the back!

No, we aren't doing hand signs, we're doing movements for an African song, led by the brilliant Lynell Joy Jenkins! And the kids in the picture are from the Children's Choir Camp that worked with some of us and our instructors.

In honor of "graduation" day, I'm putting my TPT store on sale
They did the hard work and everyone gets the benefit! 
My store will be 20% off until Monday! 

Congrats and Happy Kodály-ing!

Visuals for prepare, present and practice!


 Tone ladder anyone?

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