Saturday, May 3, 2014

Three Days and Counting!

It's (almost) three days till the Teacher Appreciation Sale at TPT!

Tonight, I'm going to highlight three of my products that will be discounted from May 6 - May 7.

The first is my rhythm flashcards - super quick to print, cut and laminate & get ready for all the fantastic activities in your music classroom. These cards can be used with any reading, writing or improvisation activity. I have also used them in a game called "Steal the Rhythm" and as a form labeling activity. There are so many possibilities!

This is a "Level One" bundle that includes rhythms patterns with quarter note, beamed eighth notes and quarter rest patterns. I have them divided into two sets so that you can print each set on a different color of card stock if you like. 

Number 2 is my brand new Dance Josey slides. One of my students' favorite all-time game is "Chicken," as they call it. It's a fabulous silly song with a great game that they can play for hours. And talk about packed with music possibilities!! This song can be used in so many ways - reading takadimi, learning low so, singing in canon, adding ostinatii, labeling form, introducing extended pentatonic scale. This set of slides will help with the preparation and presentation stages, as well as some extra beat practice and part-work thrown in. 

Last but not least is my Dynamics Posters! I can't stand how cute these are. I will be sending these to our print shop on Monday. They are color-coded from cool tones (soft) to warm tones (loud) in fun polka dot prints. Every music classroom needs the dynamics spectrum displayed for those educational moments that pop up. When I posted my first dynamics spectrum, I was teaching low E on recorder. The very next day, one teachable moment after another cropped up as we discussed the physical restrictions of plastic recorders, trying to play low E. It's such an easy thing to squeeze into almost every lesson, or at least when they are lining up to go!

Stay tuned for more products that will be available Tuesday and Wednesday!!

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