Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Milestones Worth Celebrating

Today David Row is having a "Milestones Worth Celebrating" linky party and I'm linking up!

I have 7 days of school left - summer is almost here! What a perfect time to think about the past year and reflect on the bad and celebrate the good. Here are some of the highlights from my 2013-2014 year.

School Highlights

-       This fall, the 2nd and 3rd grade Veteran’s Day program was a hit! We invited our local veterans to be honored with a poem and a flower and all the kids wanted to get their pictures made with them after the show. I’m bursting with ideas for next year’s Veterans program – songs and pictures and slideshows and maybe even taking our show on the road!

-       The choir had a fun Christmas sing-along – and with 76 members, it was all we could do just to sing along! The best part is that the kids are super excited about choir for next year. I’m hoping to do a 4th & 5th grade girls choir, plus an audition-only Honor Choir. I’m also hoping to add a recorder club to the mix, and invite all three groups to perform together. 

-       After a slow start, my first graders got really far on their concepts! We are working on 2/4 meter the last few weeks of school. This is a very immature group, so it seems like a miracle that we got anything done.

-       I have a great specials team and a really supportive administration at my new school. I can’t wait to see what next year holds. 

Professional Highlights

-       I applied for my first TMEA session with my dear friend Lauren! Even though we didn’t get chosen, I learned about the process and the ideas are churning for future sessions.

-       A few years back, I was honored to get to work with two of my favorite Kodály gurus (Houlahan and Tacka) on a Kindergarten Kodály curriculum – and it’s finally been published this spring! I can’t wait to see their finished product.

-       Last month I created a blog, a Pinterest pagea TPT store and a Facebook page! I’m still trying to learn about stuff like linky parties and how to make your Facebook page public, but I’m having a blast! Thanks to the Teachers Pay Teachers Support Group - it has really been helpful.

-       I have 50 followers on Teachers Pay Teachers! Yay! 

Personal Highlights

-       My husband and I moved to a new town and started new jobs. It seems like there's an adventure around every corner.

-       We worked (a tiny bit) with the Leadership Training for Christ (LTC) choirs at our new church and they had great performances over Easter.

-       Jon and I went to our first concert since moving – Casting Crowns! It was honestly one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait till they come back to the area!

-       We celebrated our 9-year anniversary by taking a Disney Cruise over the Christmas holidays! It was a blast and we are saving up so we can go again soon! It was amazing!!! Disney really knows how to take care of people, which is why I love taking bands to Disney World - it's a world class experience. Next WDW Band Trip - March 2015!

What are some of your highlights for this year?

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  1. It sounds like you had some big highlights this year! Congrats on the end (almost) of another great year and great accomplishments! Thanks for linking up and sharing!