Monday, May 5, 2014

Must Have Monday

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

I'm linking up with Amy at Music a la Abbott to bring you Must Have Monday!

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This linky party will showcase some of our favorite things that we have gotten and some things we hope to get during the Teachers Appreciation Sale from Teachers Pay Teachers on May6-May 7! 

These are some of my "must-have" items!

1. From my store, I can't live without my presentation slides! It helps me organize my thoughts (and my visuals!) as I go through the final stages of presentation. One of my favorites is my set for Paw Paw Patch!

My students love this game and it's an action-packed song with plenty of usable material.  

For the game, students line up in a long ways set (double line) facing the front. One student skips around the entire set and back to their spot for the first verse. The students in one line of the set follow the leader around the set for verse 2. In verse three, students link elbows with their partner and follow the head couple around the set. At the bottom of the set, the head couple makes a bridge. Other couples go under the bridge and back to their spot, with a new head couple at the top.

In the slides, students can tap the beat, tap the little paw paws in the rhythm of the focus phrase, label the form and work on writing the new rhythm.

After presentation students can practice their new rhythm with a few form and part-work exercises. My second graders are learning this right now and having so much fun!!

2. My "must have" from another teacher is the slides for "Who Has Seen the Wind?" from Lindsay's Kodaly-Inspired Classroom.

It is a beautiful song that gets stuck in your head. Great for teaching low la and half note. My 4th grade students really got into this song and loved adding their own lyrics as their "ticket out the door." 

I got this set of slides as a part of Lindsay's Kodaly Level 2 Mega Bundle. I got it on sale and with a discount! What a great deal!

3. One "must have" that is on my wish list is this set of super cute clip art! I love Little Red's Clip Art. These products are always finding their way to my shopping cart.

I hope to use these in upcoming products, like a beat chart for "We are Dancing in the Forest," one of my students' favorites. 

What's on your "must have" list?

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  1. Thank you so much for the shout out! I am so glad you are enjoying "Who Has Seen the Wind" and my Level 2 Bundle!