Friday, April 18, 2014

Welcome to Sweet Sounds!

Entering the blogging community is quite daunting to me. Who knows if anyone wants to read what I have to say. Nevertheless, here I go!

Who am I?

My name is Lori and I teach elementary music, Kodály style. My husband and I live in Texas and my favorites include curling up with a good book, eating Mexican food, and playing with my sweet boxer, Penny.

In 2004 I started out as a band director at a small school in Texas. I took over another teacher’s elementary music duties about halfway through the year and discovered that I love teaching little ones!

Currently, I teach Kinder-5th at a small elementary school with about 530 students. I see my kids on a 4-day rotation, so I get to teach them 7-8 times per grading period, for 50-minute classes. My principal does a fantastic job protecting our limited amount of time, so we have been flying through concepts this year.

Since it’s my first year at this school, the grade levels aren’t where I want them to be, concept-wise, but we have spent a lot of time building relationships, teaching routines and reviewing basic concepts to analyze their needs.

Through this blog I will share the triumphs and struggles of my classroom as well as the crazy ideas I tried. I hope to create a place where I can mentor and be mentored, inspire and be inspired. 

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