Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Had a Little Rooster

My Kindergarten students love add-on songs, so when I heard Jill Trinka's version of "Had a Little Rooster" I couldn't wait to share it with them! This version has vocal exploration with animal sounds.

I created a slideshow to go along with the songs - very simple words, adding a picture for each verse. It's available at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

We like to do hand motions as well while we watch the slideshow.

Rooster - hand on top of head (sticking up like a rooster comb)
Cat - cat paws pawing the air
Dog - hands bent in front
Duck - arms flying
Pig - finger smooshing nose
Sheep - two fingered ears on sides of head
Cow - five fingers spread on stomach (sticking out like an udder)
Horse - head shaking

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