Saturday, March 26, 2016

Tideo Makeover & Singing in Canon

Happy Spring Break! I've been working hard updating products and formatting my resources to make them easier to use in my classroom.

So What's New? 
First, I am using a new method for flattening my jpeg images so that when you go from page to page within the slide, the image loads in one piece, instead of layer after layer.

Second, I'm trying to streamline my "look" so that the products have a cohesive feel. *giggle* Really, I just like buying clipart! :-) Hello, my name is Lori and I am a clipart addict.

Check out Tideo's new look! 

My Tideo file was up first on the block. I use Tideo in my classroom for practicing do pentatonic, after teaching "re." I added new slides for spurring your improvisation practice; my students love coming up with new places and things to pass and new nonsense syllables to say at the end.

This is a great song to do in canon as well. You can do it in huge chunks (Group A start on the A section, Group B start on the B section) or do a true canon, starting after 1, 2 or 4 beats.

When I teach a canon, I always use a song that the students know independently. I have them sing by themselves while I sing in canon. After they identify that I'm singing the same thing as them, but at a different time, I have a small group (2-4 students) come stand by me and sing with me, in canon. After doing this successfully, I break the class into 2 groups and have one group sing the song independently, while the other group sings with me in canon.

Eventually you can have the two groups performing in canon without you while you add a third part to the canon, an ostinato or sing in harmony with them! The possibilities are endless.

I am in love with the new look! Thanks to Melonheadz for the super cute kid clipart. Get the Tideo file for 1/2 off on Saturday & Sunday only!

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