Saturday, January 31, 2015

Music Teacher Books: Perfect Pairings & a Super Sale

It's time to share some books!

My sweet husband planned an AMAZING trip to New York City for our 10th anniversary!

When we found out that the Juilliard gift shop was nearby, we added it to the itinerary. I spent an hour digging through the children's section shelf and I think I took home most of it. Ha!

Here's some of my loot! (Plus a few that I got for Christmas - thanks Mom!) I can't wait to dig in to these books and share. For now, let's check out some books I found at Half Price Books!

The Loud Book - by Deborah Underwood

I love this book! It is perfect for my Kindergarten loud/soft unit. Even the pictures are perfect! I love the different examples of loud like candy wrapper loud and walking-to-school song loud.

So sweet!

This is a companion book to The Quiet Book - which is equally sweet. And the best part - I can bring this book out again when we label dynamics! (shameless plug: Kindergarten loud/soft cards and dynamics cards!)

Duck at the Door - by Jackie Urbanovic

This book is part of a fantastic series by Jackie Urbanovic - Duck and Cover, Sitting Duck, Duck Soup... I love this series! 

This one is a very sweet story about a duck who doesn't fly south with his flock and needs a place to stay. He makes himself quite at home - and starts to annoy the other animals with his antics. 

I pair it with "Who's that Knocking at the Window," a half note song - it's a perfect pair! 

I love to read this before learning "Who's That?" For this song, my students love to take turns knocking on the door and window and singing "I am knocking at the window!" The other students have to guess who it is. Timbre lesson - check!

The best part is the animal friends hear the knock at the door and go get an adult - Irene (she always knows what to do! *giggle*). There's a great file by Lindsay Jervis for this song - check it out here. It's part of her half note bundle that I love!

While at the Juilliard gift shop, I also checked out the horn music for my studio. So fun! I had to get a book of duets to add to my collection. 

What books do you love in your classroom? I would love to hear from you! 

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  1. I LOVE half price books! I have found so many amazing books there. I found several books by Anna Harwell Celenza, as well as some song stories with CDs.

    1. I got her Farewell Symphony and I just LOVE it! I have a slight Half Price Books problem. *Giggle*

  2. How do you incorporate the book "Degas, and the little dancer" into your lessons?

    1. Hello! I do not do a specific lesson with Degas book; it is just one that I read for classes that are more advanced. I use that book when we study Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker. It gives the older students a little more depth than the basic "This is Ballet" type lesson that my younger kids get. Also, it's a great connection with art, which is one of the standards! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I moved to Colorado and don't have Half Price Books anymore. :( :( :( So sad. I am excited to check to see if my library has some of your finds! Kelly

    (coming over from pinterest!)