Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year's Resolutions Linky!

"Should auld acquaintance be forgot..." Happy New Year! It's 2015!

2015?!?!?! Eek! I'm so excited - I can't wait to get my own hoverboard!! (justkidding. notreally.)

It's time to think about the past year, look ahead to the next semester and make some resolutions. I love making goals!

Here are a few things I'm going to be working toward:

Personal: Bible study! Last summer I got to do an AWESOME Bible study by Priscilla Shirer called Gideon. WOW. Game changer.

At an after-Thanksgiving sale I bought another one of her Bible studies called "God is Able." I haven't had a chance to dig into it yet, so it's on the New Year's list!

Professional: I would love to get a little more organized with lessons and programs. I usually feel pretty good at the beginning of the year, but by Christmas my brain is a jumble of ideas and lessons. I'm working on a binder with each of my lessons, monthly plans, semester plans, etc that will hopefully get the jumble under control. Another binder will hold my assessments and hard copies of printables.

Classroom: My classroom atmosphere is pretty laid-back, but I'm always trying to amp up the content. Like all music teachers, I want my kids to know EVERYTHING when they leave me. While I know that's not possible, I want them to be grounded with some solid skills when they leave. So in addition to amping up the content of my lessons, I'm going to try to snag the first few minutes of each rotation for reviewing rhythm and melody cards. I've done a "ticket to ride" out the door with vocabulary before, so I'm also going to try to incorporate a flashcard-reading-out-the-door. Let's do this!

Blog/Social Media: Writing is so much fun, but it takes time! I averaged 2 blog posts per month last year (my first year to blog!) so I'm going to try to increase to 3 times per month.

I have been pretty active on Facebook this year and I'm going to try to keep that up - my favorite things to post are music videos, pin of the day and articles about all things education. I'm going to be teaming up with some of my music teacher friends to bring you some giveaways and fun stuff, so make sure you are following Sweet Sounds on Facebook!

Pinterest is a place where I let my creativity run wild! Most of the time I'm not your typical pinner. Many times I'm inspired by the picture of the pin, not necessarily by the content. Sometime I don't even click on the pin! (shh! don't tell!) I like to pin things that inspire me in the classroom - I have so many pins on my music boards that to the casual observer would mean nothing. But to a music teacher, it will hopefully inspire you as it has inspired me!

I have no idea what this pin is for, but what a GREAT idea for a little prop! K, 1st, maaaaybe even 2nd grade for acting out songs. Got a song with no game that is pretty awesome in your curriculum? Why not create a mask with the main characters? I like how this mask is not fabric (lice!!) and super-cheap and easy for me to create.

Are you on Pinterest? I'd love to follow you! Post your page in the comments so we can follow each other. :-) I have a personal page that I've had for a long time - beware: I post a lot of cute puppy dog pics along with music stuff. Here's my favorite Music Teacher Tricks board if you just like to follow that. And my new Sweet Sounds page is up and running, too!

TPT: I'm hoping to create slides for each of the "focus songs" in my Kodály sequence. So far, I have finished 10! This is something that gets me excited since I use these songs over and over, adding layer after layer. What would you like to see on TPT this year?

Just for me: Top 3: Spend more time with hubby, puppy and less time stressing over work! I also hope that we can spend more time with our church friends. Friends are so important when stressful times hit!

That's it! I'm linking up with Aileen at Mrs. Miracle's Music room. Check out all of these fantastic goals & resolutions!

What are some of your goals for the new year? I'd love to hear from you!