Sunday, September 28, 2014

Music Teacher Books: Perfect Pairings & October Musings

I can't believe it's almost October! October?!

This is the busiest time of the year for my husband and other band directors all over the country. Marching bands everywhere will be blowing and going, competing and performing, practicing their music and shows until they can play it in their sleep.

It's so special to me when former students come back and tell me how much they love band. Band was such a huge part of my life in middle school, high school and college and I'm so glad I passed on a tiny little piece of my love of music to them, in the form of band love. :-)

It's time for another edition of Perfect Pairings! Woohoo!

Dog in Boots, by Greg Gormley

Obviously, this book is about a dog, but on the first page you realize it's not just any dog. He's a voracious reader and an incredibly creative pup!

He is reading a book about a cat who wears boots when he gets an idea that he might like a pair of boots, too.

So off he goes to the "shopkeeper" to find a lovely pair of boots. I just replace the word shopkeeper with "cobbler" on each page and it pairs perfectly with our song, "Cobbler, Cobbler."

(I realize cobblers mend shoes, but I'm not taking a huge leap when I say they sell shoes, too, right?)
The boots are no good for digging, so he goes back to the "cobbler" to get some better shoes.

Isn't he adorable?! The heels are just right for scratching!

This book fits nicely into the Kinesthetic lesson of my Beat unit (which is right after tuneful singing, so a perfect time to assess solo singing voice with "Doggie, Doggie." Check!).

The kids love this sweet dog's antics and how he keeps trying to find a pair of shoes that will work for all of the jobs that a dog has. I love the curious puppy, the unpretentious illustrations and the happy ending.

I'm having so much fun sharing these book connections with you. And I LOVE getting ideas in return! So feel free to comment here or on Facebook any books that you've found helpful in your room!

Happy October-to-be!

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