Sunday, November 30, 2014

Music Teacher Books: Perfect Pairings

It's that time again! Perfect Pairings!

One of my favorite Kindergarten/1st grade books is...

What Will Fat Cat Sit On? 
by Jan Thomas

I love the illustrations and the humor. It's also a very nice book to hold with slick pages. #BookNerd.

I use this to introduce Naughty Kitty Cat and do a little vocal exploration (animal sounds) in Kindergarten and to prep for rest in 1st grade.

I like to read this again at the end of Kindergarten because they can almost read it along with me. 
I point to the words as we read and by the end of the book they're reading with me. 

And if I have any Dog, Pig, Mouse, Chicken or Cow songs boom! transition accomplished. 

To Market, To Market 
by Anne Miranda and Janet Stevens

How cute are those drawings?!?!

My students love the hilarity of the lady going to market and buying animals that destroy her home.

Spoiler Alert! The animals take her back to the store and get the fixins for vegetable soup at the end of the book!

And that's why I use this as a perfect pair with Peas Porridge Hot and Chop Chop Chippity Chop!

We play a simple game with this: I have "vegetable cards" that I put in the middle of the circle. We sing "Peas Porridge" and blow on our soup (hands cupped & blow on the rest) while the student who is "it" picks one of the cards from the middle. They show it to everyone and we identify the vegetable and then pretend to chop it (to the beat) while singing "Chop Chop." That's it! Kindergarteners are so. much. fun.

Chop, chop, chippity chop!
Cut off the bottom and cut off the top!
What we have left, we put in the pot.
Chop, chop, chippity chop!

What are some of your favorite pairings?

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  1. I love To Market, To Market; I read it every year with my 1st graders. A few years ago one of our 1st grade teachers mentioned that the author is a friend of hers' and the grocery store is fashioned after an old grocery store in Boulder! (That's a fun connection since my school is very close to Boulder.) Great idea pairing it with Chop, Chop, Choppity Chop! Fun post!