Saturday, October 18, 2014

Five Favorite Pins of October: Music Teacher Edition

Holy pumpkins, Batman! We're halfway through October!

Let's link up with Aileen at Mrs. Miracle's Music Room for our Five Favorite Pins of October!

#1 Kodaly Corner: Choir Gems

I am always looking for good literature for my choir to sing and this pin nails it! Jam packed with several quality selections for unison choirs and for two or three part treble choirs. Plus links for easy listening and purchasing.

#2 Sub Plans on CD

This pin is not necessarily about the blog post behind it, but the idea it gave me. When I know I'll be out for meetings or conference or appointments, I leave a video for the kids to watch. 

Last time I was out, I left the "4/5 Recorder Info" video for 4th & 5th (where to get a recorder or if they want to bring $$ how much to bring), some dance videos for 2nd & 3rd plus "Animal Boogie" animated video for my Kinders and Firsties. I also left a few "reward" videos on my laptop desktop (does that even make sees anymore?) for the sub, should the students behave well. 

I don't necessarily want the sub to teach musical concepts, but let's not waste any time! If I have info and announcements, that's a great time to give it out. Pass back papers? check! Who needs a second copy of the permission slip? get one from the sub before you leave. Read a book about instruments? you bet! Have them sing along to songs/videos they did last year with the sub? excellent.

#3 Magnets on the staff!

I love the idea of using my magnet visuals on a staff! Either draw the staff on the board or create a generic staff on paper to reuse each time. What a fun idea!

#4 Instrument care: Orff

What a great post! I'm going to have to bring my vacuum to school next May. So many dust bunnies! So little time!

 #5 The Long and Short of it

Happy pinning!

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