Saturday, December 13, 2014

What's on my desk?

My friend Rachel over at Music with Mrs. Tanenblatt is hosting a linky party! Fun!

You can tell a lot about a person by looking at their desk! Here's a sneak peek at my school desk:

What's on my desk? This was taken the first week of December - choir concert! orchestra tour! choir tour! choir field trip! eek!

1. Crazy pointers for beat charts, rhythm charts, pointing to the instrument posters and vocab words on the wall. :-)
2. Pictures! Captain Mickey and sweet husband. To keep my sanity.
3. Nolan Ryan cup with pens, pencils, markers. I have a thing for Crayola markers.
4. Water, water, DP and water. Just the essentials! (Singers pee pale. Giggle.)
5. Recorders to mail to students that moved. :-/
6. Keys: ACU lanyard complete with PE-grade whistle and spirit sticks. There they are!
7. Sketchbook. For ideas and to-do lists.
8. Unifix cubes - the perfect manipulative for visual representation of rhythm. Love them! And I made myself a set with magnets on the back so they will stick to the board. Some of the magnets are in need of repairs.
9. Slide whistle!! LOVE this.
10. Reindeer puppet. He leads the March of the Toys in Kindergartenland.

What's on your desk?

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My Kinder babies LOVE this song - and I bring it back in 2nd grade to practice re.

Interactive White Board Games! 

Happy December!

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