Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Ostinatii and a Spring Break Deal!

Spring Break is flying by and I've been working hard to update more files! Today's Spring Break deal: The Birch Tree & Land of the Silver Birch.

This is a beautiful song for singing in canon! In addition to updating the format so that the file will load more easily, I've added writing and improvisation activities to round out the "practice" section of your lessons. 

Land of the Silver Birch is another great resource - this one I use for practicing syncopation. My students love the mood of this song. Just about every time we sing it, I have at least one student request to sing it again.

The easiest part-work to add to this song would be an ostinato. A rhythmic ostinato works well on drums or any instrument you can play with two hands. We take the last phrase "boom-diddc-boom-boom" and repeat it like this:
A melodic ostinato that works well is taking the same rhythm and adding a simple melodic pattern to it, like this:
My students add this to xylophones, bass bars or use their voices while playing unpitched percussion. This song has some great opportunities for partnering, too - the most obvious pairing would be to sing as a partner with Canoe Round. 

How do you use Land of the Silver Birch in your classroom? I'd love to hear from you in the comments, or over on Facebook!

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