Monday, July 21, 2014

We Love Books - Hush-a-bye {All the Pretty Little Horses}

I love books! I just might love them more than music! (shh! don't tell!)

I just had to share with you a book that I found and I can't wait to use in my class! 

"All the Pretty Horses" by Susan Jeffers is a wonderful addition to any music class. I plan to read it and show the pictures just before I play them the recording of "All the Pretty Little Horses."

Check out these wonderful drawings!

Beautiful "dapples!" 

As for a recording, I absolutely love the recording done by Laura Veirs (Spotify!). The instrumentation is just beautiful and the voices are very accessible for students.

And my husband says there's a beginner band arrangement (Anne McGinty) of this song, too! There's a recording on Spotify (done by Rutgers) that might be fun to play for students. I haven't tried that out yet; I'll let you know how it goes.

What do I do with this song?

First, I use it in Kinder and 1st grade when we're learning about loud/soft and lullaby. I bring it back in 3rd grade when we're practicing 4/4 meter - don't you think this is so beautiful to conduct? The Laura Veirs version is a really nice tempo - not too slow. And in 5th grade we learn about musical preference; it's a nice piece to put in the mix for conversation and writing.

Happy reading!

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